Early in North Division play we went from 1-0 to 1-3 on the road. Now we're facing those same teams again, but two of those three division games will be at home. If we can win two of three at home, it puts us in pretty good shape.

We need to work on maintaining what we have, getting a little tougher and better. We don't want to get fat and content or cut our motor off.

Home-court advantage has helped for the most part. We play with a little more confidence at our place.

It was better than any game we've had. This made the next game against Mississippi Delta bigger than ever. If we lose, we'll have identical records, but they'll have beat us twice. It's very important we continue to keep the momentum. Instead of playing for 20 minutes, we're going to need to play for 35 or 40.

The postseason depends on who's playing better that night and you don't have to have but one bad night.

They are two great kids that did outstanding work on the court and off. Their leadership and contributions have been invaluable to us and our success.

They played a lot of quality minutes. (Gross), was defensively getting after us.