It's a milestone for sure, but I think man or woman, what we're determined to do is the best broadcast that we possibly can and I think she's the perfect person for it.

I think there's some danger of losing track. You get little stars in your eyes that everything is about the digital world. What we're focused on is great storytelling. The medium is not the message in this case. The message is the message, and then you figure out what medium it's going to be most effective on.

I think it's fair to say that over the course of the Bush presidency, if Dick Cheney had had his way, there would have been much less attention paid to him than there has been. That's the exact opposite of what vice presidents historically have had to deal with.

She's a total game changer. The thing that really sets her apart, the big reason that everybody watches her and why she has had so much success, is that viewers can imagine having a cup of coffee with her, of sitting on a playground and watching their kids on the jungle gym. She's not acting. She's not playing a role. She is what she is.

It's true for everybody: Before you make a decision about what story you're going to do and how you're going to shoot it, you have to consider the security in every instance.

We've made significant changes, not so much in the format but in the approach and in the style of the evening news, and I feel like we're just in the beginning of the process.