Roland Hemond
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"Roland Hemond" is a longtime executive in Major League Baseball who in 2007 returned to the Arizona Diamondbacks as special assistant to the president. His previous positions include stints as scouting director of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim/California Angels, general manager of the Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles, senior executive vice president of the Arizona Diamondbacks, and executive advisor to the general manager of the White Sox (2001–2007).

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There are so many demands, on general managers especially. Doug listens well to the scouts and player-development people. People are loyal to him because he's loyal to them.

He was always a great listener. He absorbed any wisdom you tried to pass on. I could tell he was going to become an outstanding general manager.

It was nice of [Melvin] to let me do that. It went very well.

Carl and Joe were very happy to get these. And the rings are so beautiful, we wanted to get them out quickly.