The deal is done ... If this had happened a few months ago with an undone deal, it would have been a potentially much riskier circumstance.

He (Kiir) has a reputation for being collegial in the way he does business ... we all know that wasn't always Dr John's trait.

This is a major issue for us and our people in Abuja.

As it turned out, they [the SLM rebels] had made a clear decision not to go [to Abuja].

I actually think that at the 'doing business level' we relate [well with] all the parties. We speak frankly to the [Khartoum] government. We speak frankly to the SPLM. We speak frankly to the Darfurian rebels [SLM]. And they understand the U.S. is in a unique role here.

The (rebel) divisions have not been healed yet. It is a major issue for us.

He was special. We came to love each other in this manly way that comes when you have mutual respect and common vision.