"Roger Schmidt" is an academic who studies religion. He was the acting president of University of the West, a private, non profit, Buddhist-affiliated campus in Rosemead, California. He was replaced by Dr. Allen Huang in 2007.

Schmidt graduated from San Bernardino Valley College (1955), the University of Redlands (1957), and the Claremont Graduate University (1963) with degrees in philosophy, religion, and history. He taught philosophy and religious studies at San Bernardino Valley College from 1963-1993, including four years at Crafton Hills College (1987-1991), and chaired the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies and the Social Science Division. He was a professor of religion, department chair, and Dean of Academic Affairs at the University of the West from 1991 to 2001 and was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University in 1998.

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I'm glad it's finally been decided. It's been a real roller coaster for some time.

I honestly believe the regionalization effort under way is where we could be in five years.