Clearly, it's a situation of one plus one equals five. It's a great town and a great mountain. Put the two together, each one is substantially more because of the other.

There's been a good discussion about this for 20 years or more. We're really excited to get this going now.

This is a busy place. We don't have enough capacity for the families that come. This will add capacity for us. When guests arrive and there's no childcare, it wrecks their vacation. Capacity is a huge issue for us.

Between the town and the resort, it really is a one-plus-one equals five relationship. I think that's why the relationship has to be symbiotic, and focused on the whole.

We provide subsidized daycare for our employees, but we can't afford to do that for everyone in town.

Here's the thing I realized before we got into this. This isn't going to be resolved at a single town council meeting. We'll continue to do what we've been doing all over the county, and I'd be happy to hear from any other employers who would like to step up alongside us.