There was a man sticking a gun in the window and telling me to get out of the truck.

People got upset, people got mad. (Jones) does not admit there was any assault or vandalism. He wants to put it behind him.

He's being charged with a criminal offense, and we will try to get to the bottom of it at a court hearing. There are obviously a number of different sides to this story.

I absolutely have to keep on top of all things changing within the parameter of investments. We hire professionals to make recommendations, but if we have no knowledge of what's going on, we don't know whether or not we approved something rational or someone had a silly idea and let's take a chance.

All I know, with regard to the car, is that he doesn't have ownership of the car. I do not have any knowledge of the investigation at all. Anything else would be pure speculation.

Mr. Jones has had this hanging over his head for five months.

He stuck a pistol in my face. It was a big black gun and looked like a police pistol.