"Roger A. Hughes" is an American football coach and former player. He served as the head coach at Princeton University from 2000 to 2009, and amassed a 47–52 record. He has been named the newest head coach at Stetson University, which is reviving their program after a hiatus of more than 50 years beginning with the 2013 season.

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The cost of an Ivy League school to a West Coast family is not the same as it is to a family say from Nebraska.

I've never seen a lot of difference from what customers order on New Year's from the rest of the year, really.

Without timely and relevant information on quality and cost, we're flying blind. The technology and scale to deliver that information is now in place. With this recognition and selection by AQA, we look forward to joining the public-private partnership and creating an unprecedented resource with value for all Arizonans.

You have more business leaders willing to enter into that conversation, mostly for self-serving reasons, quite frankly. This is a huge burden on their bottom line. It has become pretty clear that this system is not sustainable, and business leaders are finally coming to this conclusion.

If you came and watched five minutes of one of our games at the wrong time, ... you might think, 'Wow, this guy screams a lot.' But what you don't see is him put his arm around a guy afterwards, how much he helps [the players] with their academics, how he helps them find a tutor. What you don't see is how much he loves those kids.

The kids are very test-oriented out there. There is a greater test-taking awareness, just a greater emphasis put on test-taking in California.

I don't get to talk football much like this anymore.

Anything that brings business to the port is good.

As a coach, you always strive for perfection. Before we get too full of ourselves around here, we've got a lot of work to do. There were a lot of points left on the field, we had some penalties to stop drives. The good thing is Derek Javarone has been fairly consistent. He's been 100 percent scoring points in the red zone. That's been the difference. As I told the team, be happy but not satisfied.