This person should be thankful that he didn't kill a baby, ... He should view this as an opportunity to pull some things together and get on the right path.

We wanted to get Jake closer to the football. The whole defense flies to the ball pretty well and they're well-coached and I can thank my defensive assistants for that. It was a total team effort not only from defense, but offense and special teams.

The Rattler family wanted to open up and embrace him. We want to bring him into the fold to let him know that we're behind him.

We have all the respect for Carroll and they will be back. Mark it down. They're playoff-tough.

When you have a kid like Jake, it's not a deal where you think about plays. You think about players. He's a player.

He doesn't let nobody mess with him, ... He's always been tough and spunky and I think if you're like that, you can overcome a lot.