"Roderick White" was an American lawyer and politician from New York.

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I'm not happy about this at all, ... I was completely blindsided. This really throws some plans we had into disarray.

I just bought some in February and March. Had I known that they were getting ready to shift to something else I sure as heck wouldn't have bought them.

This is our busy season - the first of October to the end of January. We're really focused on keeping the business up and running, and making sure that we don't lose a call.

[By increasing response time, the network will increase Home Shopping Network's bottom line, he says. Cutting one second off of the average handle time of every call is worth $50,000, and the new net is reducing the average call handle time by more than 15%.] That's significant, ... What I care about is response time to the desktop because that half a second is important to me.