He basically questioned the sanity of RIM, and said it wasn't acting very rationally. His prodding of the parties worked.

It's a bit of a split decision that buys RIM some time.

I really don't see it having a negative impact on its system here.

I just love to sing. I'd have been here every week if I had known about it.

The first week doesn't give us much of a snapshot.

This buys RIM some time.

But for us, (the response times) are good. The guys in the fire engines say the ambulances are responding faster.

Without CUPE local 4400 caretaking staff available there will naturally be a buildup of garbage in the buildings. Obviously health and safety staff is very significant for us.

We've had to rescue animals from fires before and needed to give them oxygen. These (masks) fit tighter around their snouts (than human masks) so they can get 100 percent oxygen.