Rod Hundley
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"Rodney Clark "Rod" Hundley" is an American former professional basketball player and television broadcaster. Hundley's life has revolved around the game of basketball. His love and talent for the game led him to achieve honors in high school and most notably during his college years. At West Virginia University, Hundley played to packed crowds at the Old Field House. His dribbling antics and daredevil maneuvers on the floor led to his popular nickname ""Hot Rod" Hundley". He has most recently been known as the sports announcer for the Utah Jazz.

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They had a nice team, a nice game and they beat a great team. The fans were into it. And that gym. I couldn't believe it. We had people beating on us all around. There was hardly room for us. People were in front of us. And there was a lot of noise.

It was like being in South Bend, Indiana home of Notre Dame with that crowd.

I remember when they first said we were going to go to Stockton to do the game for Pacific and Long Beach State, ... We did a couple of Long Beach State games, but they said Stockton, California, Pacific and I thought, 'Where?'

Everyone was acting like it was a party, ... They were used to it, and here I was saying, 'What am I doing here?' .

I was staying in a hotel on Canal Street, on the 16th floor, and I opened up the windows and it was just black outside.