It's kind of like a mulligan. I told our guys it's like a mulligan, You get that win, it's like winning two out of three one of the last three weeks. It puts you back in the hunt.

They have a great program here. That's why tonight's a surprise to me. I really thought it would be a close game... It's a pleasure to come down here because it's first class in every manner.

We just wanted to come out and compete and play. I think also it's more of a measuring stick for our guys. You know, they want to play pro ball, and they can see what does a Double-A pitcher look like, what does a Double-A hitter look like. And my guys always get a kick out of it. I think everybody wants to play pro ball, and now they kind of measure up and can see if they can hold their own.

Everybody helped out. We had guys come off the bench and play well. Our freshmen played well and that was good to see.

If you can't catch, you don't win. And you have to play bunt defense. Those are the things that hurt us.

He does it every year. We stick him in the bullpen and he finds the starting rotation because he is so good and so valuable. I'd like to have two of him -- one in the bullpen and one starting.

We've been sort of a mystery because we can do all three well, but we can't do them together. We've had a hard time of doing them all together. Like last weekend, we pitched well and played defense, but lost two of three games (against Kentucky). The one game we hit well and played defense and pitched, we won.

I'm not sure he's ready to start on Friday night. That's a lot of pressure for a young man as a sophomore. He pitched better probably last year as our Saturday guy. We'll probably move Adkins back to the Saturday spot, and I think we're going to stick with that the rest of the year.

If you can't catch it, you can't win.