He talked in metaphors.

And here we have gone and put them in a place which is completely different from the rest of the world. So we're sort of challenging them to live in the environment they say they're creating.

The swell is expected to come up this afternoon, so there is a good chance we'll start the competition tomorrow. The forecast for the remainder of the waiting period is excellent.

The researchers in this building tell themselves, tell the world, that they are working outside the box. They are doing the stuff that will change the world.

If you look around the building now you can see a whole bunch of posters of orangutans which students put up saying, 'we're not orangutans.' But I think he got it right, it just took a while for people to understand the difference between metaphor and hard technical descriptions.

In some senses it's similar in that there's a lot of wood around and there's crowded desks, but then when you look up it's a completely different sort of space. It's much more inspirational -- a cathedral type of space.

Building 20 was like a barracks but for the next 50 years people didn't feel bad about sawing down a wall somewhere, knocking down a wall, restructuring it.

And then when we got this building one of the things Frank Gehry really picked up on was the idea of being able to restructure and reshape. So he really included that idea when he was trying to put this structure together.