"Rod Barnes" is an American college basketball coach and current head coach of the Cal State Bakersfield Men's Basketball program. He previously served as head coach for the Georgia State University men's basketball team of the Division I (NCAA)/NCAA Division I's Colonial Athletic Association. Barnes was also head coach of the men's basketball team at the University of Mississippi.

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It's one of those things that happened and happened at a tough time. But we've got to deal with it. ... We've got to go without him on Wednesday and lift each other up. He would want us to go out there and play well.

Sometimes kids will rally around a situation like that. Sometimes it goes other way. He would want us to go up there (to Kentucky) and play well and that's what he said to our players and coaches.

If we lost that first game at Alabama, our kids would be questioning themselves. We accomplished that. To come back and play an experienced team like South Carolina and win, it helps with our confidence.

It helped to have guys come off the bench like that. That made it difficult for us.

It snowballed on us. We couldn't stop it.

We didn't know going into the game that he would play as well as he did. We talked about him being a good shooter when he entered the game, but who would have expected that from him?

I expect him to be back. He won't get a chance to work out with us, but we expect to have him back in uniform.

He has really helped us and been a good backup point guard, but we have got to get him back playing well. I challenged him after the Mississippi State game. He has lost some of his aggressiveness. He was attacking, knocking down shots and running the team. The last few games he has not played as many minutes as we need him to play.

Dwayne was close to his brother, but he's handled himself. He has stayed strong. I admire the guy because there's no way I could've gone through what he's gone through.