"Robin Andrew King", commonly known as "Billy", is a Northern Ireland/Northern Irish Ulster loyalism/loyalist paramilitary leader who, despite having been born into a Catholic family, served as the commander of the Ulster Protestant Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF). A close friend of the organisation's founder Billy Wright (loyalist)/Billy Wright, King took over as leader following the death of Mark Fulton (loyalist)/Mark "Swinger" Fulton, who had succeeded Wright when he was assassinated by the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) in December 1997.

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That will allow us to expand our capacity. And those are things that need to be built before we can really grow to the next level. You have to build that solid base.

After that, I think it will explode. I really do. And it may explode sooner.

So far we've been looking so that they (seed companies) didn't change anything. The next round, we'll be looking for things that they did change.