Robin Dunne
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"Robin Dunne" is a Canadian actor who is mainly known for having had numerous leading roles in sequels throughout his career, and lately for his role as Doctor Will Zimmerman in the science fiction television series, Sanctuary (TV series)/Sanctuary.

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I've been up and down and written off so many times by that city, it just makes me laugh now. When you're hot, you have agents who would do anything, they'd drink your piss if you asked them to, excuse my language. But then when you're cold, when things aren't moving, they just have no time for you.

I nearly killed myself, but I did finish the race.

It was quite a heady time. Living in a guesthouse in the hills and just having a crazy life. And I think that getting there and then getting divorced, all those things that are part of life, they keep these questions coming up: what are you doing with your life and why?