Roberto Benigni
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"Roberto Remigio Benigni", Order of Merit of the Italian Republic/Cavaliere di Gran Croce OMRI is an Italian actor, comedian, screenwriter and director.

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It's a sign of mediocrity when you demonstrate gratitude with moderation.

If you make a direct argument against the war, it bounces back at you, ... While certain modern works on [wars] go to the head or are powerful as documentaries, this I think goes to the heart... And that is more dangerous, stronger.

They told me it's a very dangerous subject, but when you fall in love something, you must be brave, courageous, and, yes, I was scared, ... But because when you are in love or you are naked, you feel vulnerable.

We live with this horror and are surrounded by this horror.

This is an homage to the master, because I love this movie, and, of course, making a movie -- a comedy about concentration camp, I watched this movie a lot of time.

Now they've cut our dreams.

I would like to tell that I was really loved, with the simplicity, ... What is more simple than to tell to a little boy, 'This is not the truth, it is a game?'

[Culture confers dreams,] and you don't touch dreams, ... Now they've cut our dreams.

To cut dreams is difficult, but they have managed to do it.

The first part of the story is very funny and very full of gags ... then the second part is not a comedy (and) is exactly a real tragedy. This, to me, was wonderful, the balance.