It's an unpredictable runaway chemical reaction no one predicted.

If you?re in a position where you can?t remove yourself, do you really hold those kids responsible?

Today's investment is another step in our effort to seek out new platforms for NBC programming and content.

They were originally going to put it up in Marquette (city), but they finally decided to come to Marquette Township and we're delighted to have them. It should be a nice addition to Marquette Township.

It was both difficult and it was contentious. But that wasn't the point. When it all came down it was a 5-0 approval with the conditions. In this way, I think everyone was able to take their egos, their biases, and their prejudices and leave them at the door.

Our issue isn't to get 20 year-olds to watch Brian (Williams), but to get 40 year-olds to watch Brian and to get 35 year-olds to think about (watching Brian).

The hotel is the one thing they're going to work on immediately.

This is going to be a profitable transaction, ... This one we could afford on a modest budget.

The main goal is to give young people hope ... to give them skills.