"Robert Wolfe" was a World War II U.S. Army officer, historian, and retired senior archivist of the National Archives and Records Administration/US National Archives. He was wounded in both the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation. He commanded a recon team and also an anti-landmine platoon. He was a subject matter expert on captured Nazi Germany/Nazi war documents. Wolfe worked for 34 years at the Archives, functioning as its senior specialist for captured German and related records.

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Doug Thorley revolutionized drag racing with his header designs. He made them affordable and accessible to everyone. Doug's Headers is a household word.

Norton was the contact with all of the colleges.

What Exxon did to us is not fair, what has been done to us is a travesty.

It started out as a bonus to the retail business. Now, it is really the driver of the entire business.

If it's true, he really let a lot of people down. He definitely has a lot of questions to answer.

He did a job few of us did, or could have done. And I'm a twice-wounded infantryman.

It's been one thing after another this season.

We talk to the customer on a level that is not product-oriented.