The archbishop of Canterbury and his advisers are reviewing this matter at the present moment. I prefer not to make any statement.

I can't even imagine not observing Christmas in an Episcopal (Anglican) Church.

I don't know where to turn.

Many rural telecommunications companies provide the only broadband network connection to rural consumers. New services, such as voice over Internet protocol, can't reach rural consumers without riding a rural broadband network.

No one has respected us last season or this season. This is the way to prove we deserve it.

I've never seen anything like this in Detroit. It's different for sure.

She couldn't say nothing, ... I just held her head in my hands, because that's all I could get up, and tears rolled down her face, and she died.

When I get out of here I'm not going to look back. All I want to do now is resolve this. I just want to go anywhere.

Restaurants on the Coast, like other seaside locations, all feature fried seafood platters and various stuffed dishes. But what makes ours better is that the seafood is just hours out of that wonderful Gulf water ... No matter how it was prepared, you could always count on the seafood being some of the best in the world.