Robert Warzycha
FameRank: 4

"Robert Warzycha" is a Poland/Polish former professional association football player currently serving as manager of Górnik Zabrze.

Warzycha had a long career in Europe, playing for teams in Poland, Hungary and England with Everton F.C./Everton in the Premier League. He won two Polish Ekstraklasa titles and a Polish SuperCup/Polish Super Cup with Górnik Zabrze. Warzycha was also a regular member of the Poland national football team throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, amassing 47 caps.

He moved to the United States in 1996 and subsequently spent seven seasons in Major League Soccer with Columbus Crew. He later served as a coach for the team, serving as head coach for five seasons.

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What can I say? We were not good enough. We gave a lot of goals in the last minute and that can't happen.

Obviously we had some momentum at the end of the game. When we scored that goal, I thought we were going to continue that push and maybe get another.

Three points always make you happy.

I didn't rest anybody, they are injured. I am putting the best players on the field every single time. If somebody is injured, and they are not 100 percent, then obviously they cannot be in the lineup. Chris (Henderson) was one of them.

Two different halves. The first one we dominate and were playing very good. In the second, they came out strong and we didn't play our best - giving a goal away. But this time we managed to win it, and that's very encouraging.

We didn't have any spark from anybody.

Edson is a good player and he showed today, scoring those two goals, that he's capable of scoring a lot of goals. It's too bad he's nursing an injury and cannot play to his potential.

Just cross it in on the ground, and you never know what will happen.