It's exciting, I didn't really expect to win. I thought about a situation where someone driving would ask someone to drink and another person saying, 'No.' And then I got to work.

It's very hard for people. You have to give up a lot. There is no down time.

I am trying to prepare you that we are going to have a significant fee increase on the order of $4,000-$5,000, maybe higher when it's done.

There's no benefit to you of getting the fees up front.

I'm really looking forward to it, I just wish that there was a way of keeping track of the score throughout the event.

I find it embarrassing to try and sell stuff, ... and I think I'm quite outgoing by contractor standards.

The public seems to be willing to accept sales taxes if developers have paid money.

I dared to lose and I won, ... It was a lot of hard work, and physical training and studying.

I've taken some art classes. I think I'll keep at it in high school, see what happens.