"Robert Sloan" is a Scotland/Scottish association football/footballer, currently playing for Bo'ness United F.C./Bo'ness United in the Scottish Junior Football Association, East Region. He has previously played in the Scottish Premier League for Heart of Midlothian F.C./Heart of Midlothian

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Dave Bliss' attempts to conceal from investigators the truth about improprieties in our men's basketball program represent a profound betrayal of the trust that Baylor University and our players placed in him.

Now they have got to pick themselves up for the next game against Berwick.

The attempted cover-up failed, and the investigation continues, ... Our investigative committee will continue to aggressively pursue the truth until we are satisfied that a thorough and credible examination of our men's basketball program has been completed.

But these days, it's very difficult for university presses to grow very quickly.

Tom brought his resignation forward because, I think, he felt like as a matter of leadership and integrity that he should step down, since these things happened on his watch.

I'm outraged not only by his own deception, but his efforts to enlist players and assistant coaches in this scheme.

All of us are stunned by these revelations of an attempted cover-up, ... The good news is that the cover-up didn't work.