The number six request was for Las Vegas and number eight was Grand Canyon.

Over the past couple of months, we've seen a significant increase in the number of plus members calling us to get the free gallon or two.

All that has to happen is another Katrina-like event, or political factors in the Middle East, and we are looking at major, major disruption.

Our members are screaming. People are wondering where it's going to go and, of course, we can't tell them.

We were getting by by the skin of our teeth before Katrina and Rita. We need to make some changes in our consumption habits soon.

We've gotten used to, in only maybe three weeks, that anything under $3 is a bargain.

Watch out for wintertime, ... If we get an early-onset winter or cold snap, things will start getting crazy again. Gasoline and home heating oil compete for the available crude.

It's had no effect on holidays during the summer, no effect on leisure travel this summer.

It's probably because this damage was a lot less than had been anticipated, ... Prices were bid up last week on the idea there would be some great loss in refinery capacity.