I'm hearing that some men will choose to leave, because if they don't, it would be like living a lie.

For someone who is mature and has psychological and emotional maturity . . . I just don't see that this document is going to discourage that person if he is called by God to be a priest, ... Where the problem lies is where you get fellows who go to a gay bar, when you begin immersing yourself in that particular community as if you couldn't live without it.

If that's going to be the policy of the church as the church seeks to be its best self, then I'm going to accept what the church tells me, ... On the other hand, I would have an awful lot of compassion for men who are holy, celibate, chaste and who are homosexual and have served the church well.

We need not to focus on specific homosexuality, but we need to focus on the integration of our own human sexuality and the ability to live a deeply committed virginal life that is fully and wholly sexual.