"Robert Satloff" is an American writer and, since January 1993, the executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). Satloff's expertise includes "U.S. policy, public diplomacy, Arab and Islamic politics, Arab-Israeli relations, U.S.-Israel relations, peace process, Middle East democratization." Satloff is also a member of the board of editors of the Middle East Quarterly, a publication of the Middle East Forum.

Satloff received a Doctor of Philosophy/Ph.D from St. Antony's College, University of Oxford. He earned an Master of Arts (postgraduate)/M.A. from Harvard University and Bachelor of Arts/B.A. from Duke University.

Satloff lives in Chevy Chase, Maryland, with his wife, Jennie Litvack, an economist at the World Bank, and three sons, Benjamin, William and David.[http://www.publicaffairsbooks.com/publicaffairsbooks-cgi-bin/display?book=9781586483999]

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A remarkable development over the past year has been that Arafat has been a more welcome person in the White House than the prime minister of Israel, ... This is a key change of historic proportions given the relationship of America and Israel -- and America and the PLO over the last century.

This is the meeting in which the relationship between the two will be defined, in which any understandings that they will reach on the future of their joint efforts in the peace process will be determined.

This is a supremely difficult diplomatic task. It is negotiating with multiple parties, dealing with the Israeli public that is reluctant to make concessions on either track and certainly is reluctant to make simultaneously large concessions on all tracks.