There are deep parallels between the plight of America at the turn of the last century and the plight of America today.

She's cold all the time. And down here, she loves it. I mean, 95 (degrees) here and that's perfect for her. It is an ideal climate for her.

It can be heard even above the roar of a helicopter, which is important if you want to tell people anything. That's the problem with bullhorns ? over a helicopter, they can't really understand what you're saying.

The unstated message [of Bush's tax cuts] was that we were not all in this together, ... and, whatever the economic merits or demerits of the policy, the civic implications of that policy were abominable.

Over the course of the last generation or two, a variety of technological, economic and social changes have rendered obsolete the stuff of American social capital.

She made the adjustment very, very well. I was very leery of how well she was going to adjust, because she lived up there, she didn't know anywhere else to live. That's a big move, you know.

This could be a moment that changes the political dialogue of the country.