If Beckham had scored the match would have been over. There was no way for us to come back, ... The save proved that we were still in the game, that we had not given it up.

All our opponents are now playing the same way. They opt for a very defensive set-up with seven or eight players packed on their side of the pitch.

I haven't spoken to Sol or Ashley yet.

What caught everyone's eye was to see the other players completely liberated.

There were a few words and a few looks at each other on the pitch, but not much was said.

I will remind him of that one for sure, ... I was pleased with that, I liked it very much.

We will say nothing to them, we will not brag about it. It's not our style, ... They were defending their colors and we were defending ours. It will be kind and gentle in training.

I tackled to get the ball but he didn't. He made the tackle to catch me and he did.

Croatia will not give us any space and will try to stop us playing our game. We must find a way to adapt, but we have the players to do that.