It is very important for the Hinckleys to spend time with each other - not at a Holiday Inn but in their residence.

They are not necessarily 'pathologic,' ... but they are a concern.

The market has been pretty oversold and pessimism was and continues to be widespread, so the slight improvement in the economic data this morning and the fact that the Fed kept interest rates unchanged speaks to that pessimism for now. But tech continues to suffer, when other sectors are doing fine today (Thursday).

I think that we can all go home until after Thanksgiving and we probably won't have missed much. We are probably going to go sideways to downwards for the next week or so.

We need to know in advance what's going to happen, who's going to be involved, and what the expectations are.

It's an Iraq-driven market, unfortunately. And the longer this lingers, the more detrimental it is to the economy and earnings.

His approach, potential infatuation and stalking-like behavior are historical problems.