The industry itself is very strong and on the rise, but the stocks are not very much alive. The Street doesn't really like the unpredictability of the industry.

This is very important and exciting research because it provides compelling physical evidence for the impact of louse-borne diseases on Grand Army troops during Napoleon's invasion of, and retreat from, Russia.

What happened here is an aberration that happened to an individual with 30 years of impeccable service. It's very easy to kick a guy when he's down.

Am I going to support firing him? No. Am I going to support taking away his car? No.

We are pleased to report that all outstanding issues involving the SEC's financial review, as well as the accounting issues related to DFG, have now been resolved, ... Today's earnings release brings this matter to a close and we now look forward to proceeding with the Tyson transaction.

We are looking for an alternate way to reach a modification.

We can only speculate that this is a classic case of 'buyer's remorse,' because there is clearly no basis for Tyson's claim that it was fraudulently induced and does not have to proceed with this transaction.

The problem is much of the public feels since it is fruit-flavored tobacco and drawn through water, it is a safe product. That is just not the case.

These kids are paying for gas and being more conscious of it.