Right now, I'd like him to be able to regain consciousness and answer some questions.

That's kind of a nuisance at times. But we take the good with the bad.

I started to express my dissatisfaction. They knew I worked as a paramedic. They told me to shut up, that I wasn't a paramedic in the back of their ambulance. Then, one of them, a man said, 'I'll fix you, this will shut you up.' That's when he slammed the oxygen mask onto my face. It was a tremendous pain.

There hasn't been any report of criminal activity. Right now, we're just aware that this organization owns property.

What was going through my mind is that I was going to die soon. This is the end. I knew I was going to die.

There was hatred in the back of that ambulance.

I wouldn't tell you if it was.

What's often also left out of this debate is that 90 percent of victims know their perpetrators. These are family members, neighbors, acquaintances.