This company, as it is configured today, is unsuited to compete in the marketplace with its brand taken away, ... This is no longer the same company that we knew 10 minutes ago or even 22 months ago.

Of course they are going to abandon the name. They have to.

It wasn't just that she was found guilty. She was also found to be mean-spirited.

Martha brought added value to the product. Consumers bought a 100 thread count sheet that was blessed by Martha. If you remove her name, the product still exists. Consumers may buy it but maybe won't pay the premium price for it.

A lot of names that were country-based, especially from France, have now become accepted and articulated and pronounced correctly by consumers.

If Martha goes to jail, this company will be hit but it won't fall apart, ... It could still compete in all the categories because it has a life of its own now and it's not as reliant upon Stewart to sustain financial viability. Sure, it will become a different company, with a different brand strategy, in need of a new leader.

The company has seen how tenuous it can be to be a hundred percent invested in one person.

The damage was done a long time ago. The competitive landscape is so dramatically changed from two years ago.

The fact is that you don't want the consumer to get bored with your product or they'll easily substitute it with something else.