The money here is not huge, but we want to get the word out that if you steal from relief organizations you are going to get caught and go to prison.

Is the opposite of a reformer.

It's either a switch or a lie.

If it had not been for that there would have been no ability to get into the database and there would have been nothing, no forensic evidence, no DNA evidence.

A.R. Baron was created and existed for no other reason than to line the pockets of its executives and employees at the expense of unsuspecting members of the investing public, ... Today's indictment depicts an investment firm totally out of control.

This office has, for several months, been conducting an exhaustive investigation, in light of new evidence, to determine the facts, ... All these painstaking steps are necessary if we are to provide answers to the defendants and the victims, their families and all New Yorkers. This investigation will be fair, impartial and complete.

I want to thank the voters... for showing their confidence and I will try to live up to that voter confidence. I pledge that we will try to bring justice to every community in this city.

The public should be reassured that there is a policeman on the block, that they're effective and if anything like this happens, it's going to be reported and investigated.

We don't know who was sending the money and who was receiving it.