Although Palm Beach's wealthiest residents may not even notice property tax hikes from one year to the next, there are thousands of middle-income working families who will, ... And as California's ruling elite discovered when the late Howard Jarvis began his campaign to pass Proposition 13, it would be a mistake to ignore them.

He wanted to avoid a full-scale food fight. He wanted to make certain that she was not open to strong opposition from the left.

He was willing to do whatever was required in order to be the serial killer that he was, ... He's like the wolf preying on the weak sheep.

Many of these corporations are really unsung heroes in the communities they serve.

The American people are always well-served in having a person like John Palmer as their public trustee.

This work session has gone into whether or not things beyond our control are going to make it difficult to implement our vision. The control on those dollars need to be given some flexibility for those given the responsibility to spend them.

A lot of people from these companies do things rather quietly and don't want to be put in the limelight.