I had many, many wonderful conversations with her about everything under the sun. She was one tremendous person.

They're more bothersome than dangerous. I don't see it as a big threat for causing a catastrophe.

We need a more visible police presence in these communities. People there need a taxi. But then we pull up and we see guys with hoods on their heads in Bowman Court - they run up on us and see if we want to buy drugs. They won't do that if the police are there.

I think that the Christian community is very pleased with those. I don't think that they are overly preachy; there is a message there if they look hard enough. No one likes to be preached to. But if you have a good story, we'd love to listen.

I think that the interest will remain high. Many times, these films are controversial, but if it's in line with what the bible teaches the community will be pleased, if not it might cause major outcry.