The risk is on the upside, because the market knows that we are at the end of the earnings cycle, it's just that earnings are not turning as fast as many had hoped.

It's pretty amazing that 25 years after his death, people still honour him.

The market is nervous and finds it difficult to shrug off news like this.

I can't see any particular catalyst for the market going lower because there is the prospect of economic recovery, and improving expectations for economic growth in due course should feed through to improving expectations for earnings and should stop undermining apparently bad valuations.

The recent volatility reflects the debate in the market but I think we may well have touched bottom in the current cycle.

These insurance stocks are very highly geared to the market and when the market falls they come right down with it and vice versa.

We give them some flexibility, but we don't let them go into the mandatory services, ... I'm hoping that as we make the transition, it frees this agency's resources up to really pressure plans to be more efficient.

This is legal. I kind of like it because I plan on -- when I get out of here -- I plan on like, starting a new business, or something like that.