It's a pretty interesting device.

Customers who've tried it once are willing to try it again.

We delivered another excellent quarter with strength in all areas of the business. Our strong operating results this quarter were driven by increased revenue growth, improved capacity utilization, favorable product mix and the timing of our spending initiatives.

What you're seeing now is conversion of older models to new prototypes. These are the next generation of Super Stop & Shops. The renovations will give a whole new look to the store.

We have 365 stores in six northeastern states and each of those stores has a demonstrated commitment to the local area. This is just an example of what we do to help out, and the two pharmacists here are doing a great job.

The main driver is really the increase in the cost of gas.

We believe that our new customer additions and revenue from repeat customers attest to our ability to acquire and retain customers by continually investing in innovative technology and new products and services that broaden our product offering.