The three days in jail he's had now could be like a year for some. In jail I worry about his ability to deal with what is going on.

It's a normal germ that gets into an abnormal place.

It's all surgical judgment, ... You don't want to be someone's on-the-job training on this one.

We're extremely happy that the one defendant was found guilty and disappointed that the other was found not guilty. The word 'innocent' didn't sit real well.

It's a lot (of cases), which is not all bad, ... Medicine is like plumbing: You get good at what you do a lot of.

What [banks] have done has gotten them a lot of extra years, but at some point they just won't be able to keep this up.

Banks have to go through a lot of back office reengineering in order to go digital.

Check 21 is not a big bang. It will probably take till 2008 for a majority of checks to be presented electronically.

He believed it was sacrilegious things they were saying.