When I moved out here during the late '70s, I had a neighbor who was a farmer who asked me 'What do you produce? ... I said, well, I don't produce, I publish, but he meant, you know, 'Do you grow tomatoes?'

The police received a call from a pay phone in the high school that a student heard a conversation in the bathroom about a bomb, ... But someone may not have overheard anything.

Transcending stereotypes was difficult, ... Often people don't want to know what was true. They want to know what is attractive. The fact of the matter is, no one in the mid-19th century here was using Oriental rugs; they were using wall-to-wall carpet.

I was just looking for a pitch to hit.

It's just great cinematography, ... The film very much captures the emotion that I would envision was felt at the Battle of Franklin.