I wish we already had teams down there. It's frustrating knowing you can send help but are not able to.

We didn't execute very well, and they played their zone well, but we settled for outside shots instead of continuing to try to get the ball inside, and we just didn't do a good job in the third quarter of getting the ball where we needed it. I credit them for some of that, and some of it is we weren't patient. Their zone was good, but our patience was not good.

There's an awful lot of hidden talent in the area. I've been here a number of years, and I've actually seen the number of venues diminish. We need more opportunities for jazz musicians.

We ran the floor and scrapped and played hard that whole first half. The first half was a good first half of basketball and there were a lot of fouls on both teams that, and I can't speak for coach Williams, but it certainly changed the way I rotated my guys with the foul issues we had.

He's never been arrested for anything in his life. He's never seen a state prison and he's 23 years old.

Jason Weir is the person who had the motive to do this. Jason Weir is the one who had the opportunity to do this.

The biggest problem is self-deployment. It's better if people hadn't shown up. It puts a strain on the local population that is worse than if they hadn't come.

I'm not sure I think they're right, but I agreed to pay 'em rather than fight it.

Ladies and gentlemen, the handling of the evidence in this case is nothing short of a disgrace.