"Robert Geoffrey Gerard" is a businessman, was Chairman of the Gerard Family's company Gerard Industries Pty Ltd, a former member of the Reserve Bank of Australia, and ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Australia/Liberal party in 1987. He was born and grew up in Adelaide, and attended Prince Alfred College.

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It's true that a settlement was reached with the taxation office and the settlement was not, as asserted in the report, for 150 million.

In the entire history of surfing ... only a handful of surfers who have dropped off the WTC have been able to claw their way back.

I unequivocally think there is no place for steroids in the sport. There are tens of thousands of young people that look up to these athletes.

The allegations printed in the report are just that. They are not facts and they were never admitted, nor tested in any court, nor found by any court to be true.

My conduct and this company was at all times within the law and I reject any allegations to the contrary. I have never made any secret of the fact that, at the time of my appointment, the companies were involved in a dispute with the Australian Taxation Office.

The other option was to keep it as a spare and house it in the extra bay at North Madison. We are still evaluating those options. One thing we know for sure is that it will have no resale value if we do not repair it.