The fuel in reserve would be owned by the city to be used during a natural catastrophe, terrorist attack, any number of things. If that should happen ... the city would automatically take over the facility.

We're just trying to show our support for the anti-war movement and trying to get a message across. Whether [Mr. Bush] listens or not, it doesn't really matter. We just need to show all of America that there's a very large group of people that don't agree with his policies.

I'm trying to get my clients' phones to ring. If their phones don't ring, they're not going to use my service.

I think if you were seeking a name for the college of arts and sciences ... you really couldn't imagine a better name than the name of Thomas Harriot. There, you have this renaissance man, somebody who wouldn't have recognized the boundary between the arts and the sciences.

The logistical nightmare in Pakistan is bad enough without having to face funding shortfalls as well.