We've got a strong group of referees who constantly push each other to be at their best so it's a tribute to Tim's ability that he has earned the appointment ahead of all others.

We have been assured by (referee's boss) Robert Finch there is no ill feeling between the referee and us, and we can only take him at his word.

It is NRL policy that the referee cannot request replays of foul play from the television director.

You can only call them as you see them, you don't invent them and he was right with most of them.

It was obstruction, end of story. Obstruction is not black and white but there's clear guidelines that have been set down and each incident needs to be looked at on its merits.

It is not an issue. Steve has refereed Melbourne a million times. There is no problem there at all.

Tim has been consistently good over a very long period and it's fitting that he'll be officiating the grand final of a particularly memorable season.