This tournament is a great chance to see some of the teams in our league we haven't seen yet. A lot of people haven't seen Fortuna wrestle this year. They haven't participated with hardly any of the league schools and they've been competing well.

I was really happy with how we competed in the semifinals but I was a little disappointed we couldn't have more champions. But the tournament was won so of course we're happy about that.

For the seniors I know this win meant a lot. But we still have more we want to accomplish. We wrestle Fortuna on Tuesday and judging by their performances in prior tournaments it's going to come down to a few swing matches just like tonight.

This tournament will also give some of the reserve guys some time on the mat which is always nice. The exposure in the amount of matches we get Saturday will give us an idea of what we need to work on from here on out, and that experience will allow me to coach better, and will also help the wrestlers improve.

I was very happy with our performances in the middleweights. There were three matches in the middleweights that could have gone either way. We managed to come out on top and that made a huge difference in the score.