If a student failed a course and couldn't graduate with their friends, they often opt not to come back and complete the course they failed. We should have three students graduate with their class, so it's helping our dropout rate.

We were not using our machine guns except when we were under attack because we were short on ammunition, ... We had not been resupplied; we had been moving, retreating, falling back for about a week. So that guy is dreaming.

Taking these [macroeconomic] changes into account is important because it represents a more comprehensive set of behavioral responses and, importantly, it emphasizes the economic benefits of good tax policy and the consequences that tax policy can have over the long run.

It's an important new contribution to (understanding) a very, very important transition in the history of life.

Motivation for creating this division is to more fully account for the full range of behavioral responses of major tax changes.

The pillars broke off and ripped through the side of the boat, and literally began tearing out the entire side of the boat where people were standing, waiting to get off, ... We all jumped from our seats and began running for our lives in the middle of all this debris, and people screaming and falling over each other.