Robert Caldwell
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"Robert Caldwell" was an Evangelism/Evangelist missionary and linguist, who academically established the Dravidian languages/Dravidian family of languages. He served as Assistant Bishop of Tirunelveli from 1877. He was described in The Hindu as a 'pioneering champion of the downtrodden' and an 'avant-garde social reformer'. The Government of Tamil Nadu has created a memorial in his honour and a postage stamp has been issued in his name. On the Madras Marina, a statue of Caldwell was erected as a gift of the Church of South India in 1967.

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Quintessence is a dynamic, time-evolving, and spatially dependent form of energy with negative pressure sufficient to drive the accelerating expansion. Whereas the cosmological constant is a very specific form of energy — vacuum energy — quintessence encompasses a wide class of possibilities.

When I first saw that, I thought, 'Oh God, it's gotten to this now. It's kind of sick,'.

I'm surprised they didn't put his occupation as 'Fugitive.' That's the only part that's left out.

From the announcements in 1998 and subsequent measurements, we now know that the accelerated expansion of the universe did not start until sometime in the last 10 billion years.

He's not out there throwing his picture up on the Internet.