It's now 2-2 with Tom but this is not football. I ride to win stages not to compete against another rider. We have a sporting rivalry but we're good friends.

This is the seventh Giro stage win of my career and it's a gift for my son Ewan because it's his third birthday on Wednesday.

I'm very happy to have won another stage at the Giro after just two stages and even happier to have pulled on the pink jersey.

The final circuit was tough as we had to climb an uphill section three times. I'm happy for the victory but I'm exhausted.

This course reminds me a lot of the Olympic course last year in Athens, ... Everyone said that was going to be a sprint and look what happened. I still think this will be a sprint, but I can't imagine more than 50 racers finishing in the front group. It's going to be hard.

Today I timed it just right.

It was to be expected they would throw everything into the attacks in the last lap and on the climb was when it happened.

600-metres from the end is not the time to be careful, but it's not the time to be too dangerous either.

My only hope is to profit from the work of the big teams with nine men and stay with the top riders.