I thought they just made a couple of key mistakes in front of their own goal. It looked like a little miscommunication between their sweeper and their goalie sometimes, and we exploited that. The game wasn't played all that pretty. We just happened to score.

You hate to give up goals right at the half, but Ben made a great play over there, and we played dumb. We had a couple of chances (to clear the ball) and he punished us for it.

I just think that we were not as cool as we needed to be in the first half. But it's not terribly worrisome to me that we weren't able to finish those opportunities. The big thing is we created those opportunities.

I was really happy with focus we had coming in. Obviously, the result is nice, but I think it's a byproduct of that focus. We wanted this game bad.

Getting to the semifinals for a lot of guys that were there, it wasn't enough. We would like to go farther this year. It's going to come down to whose got the most heart, and you also need a little bit of luck.

It's disappointing, but Chaparral tied, which bails us out a little bit. We still have our destiny in our hands. We just have to make sure we come out and play hard for 80 minutes, and things will be all right. We have a good team.

We did just enough to get the win. We need to be a little more inspired, and we weren't.

Ultimately, we weren't ready to play, and (Murrieta) played hard. You can't let a team totally dominate you for 40 minutes and expect that, in the next 40 minutes, you can come back, because Murrieta is a good team. You just can't allow that to happen.

He gives us a big advantage. In the high school game, that play is used a lot, and he executes it nearly perfectly.