He was out for 10 days, and just came back Monday. He's in great shape.

It's a fantastic start to the season. The girls definitely won on the strength of their team effort. They had several strong finishes, but nobody in the top 10.

The team has never been ranked before. The coaches and athletes are thrilled. It's a testament to the kids who have put in the miles.

It was one of the best days Battle Mountain cross country has ever had.

They were just fantastic. We were without Leslie Peterson, and they still won by 41 points.

It takes us getting on the track to get that accountability of speed.

The teams ahead of them in the poll were not there, so they know they have their work cut out of them. They have two months of hard work ahead of them. They can't relax, and they aren't going to be content with their performance (Thursday).

The times are faster there, so it's hard to compare times course to course.

Normally we wouldn't race two times in three days, but we wanted to cover our bases and preview the course.